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A look at the new Space Marine codex


So, just over two weeks ago, the long-awaited 6th edition update for Codex: Space Marines arrived. For the first time since 2nd edition, the Space Marines weren’t the first army to get a codex with a new edition. That dubious honor went to the Chaos Space Marines (and most folks I talk to these days feel like they’d have rather waited in the hopes of codex creep making their army somewhat stronger). Anyway, just over a year after the release of 6th edition, we got a new codex. I’ve managed to get two games in thus far, so I’ll talk a bit about my experiences with it, as well as give a general run-down of the book for those that haven’t had a chance to get it yet (or don’t plan to), my impressions/opinions on the new stuff, and what I think should have been different.

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