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Easy Tournament Format for 6th Edition

   This is supposed to be an STC for small tournaments that is community centric instead of top down.

This is a 3 game win loss single day format that can be run by anyone off the street. It doesn’t even really need a TO. All you really need is someone to keep track of results, follow a clock or set alarms on a cell phone(so it is run in a timely fashion) and determine pairings randomly. These could even be 3 different people or a set of people doing each or all tasks.It uses the rulebook missions and all you have to keep track of is who won and lost each game. Rules issues should be able to be handled by reaching local consensus(hopefully by trusted veterans). If it cannot be reached than it should be resolved in the ultimate act of Rolling for it. If the event repeats then it is acceptable and encouraged to develop a living FAQ for the location of the event.Without a specified prize structure in place all undefeated players receive an equal share of the prize pool.

If the TO wishes they can have people vote for their Favorite Opponent and for their Favorite Army. Good reasons to do this would be:

1) You like soft scores. It is nice to have awards that reward hard work and enjoyment of the hobby.
2) You have lots of players and so lots of undefeated players
3) Tons of GW credit to give away
4) A entry fee
5) A big entree fee

With a small number you may want to spread it out. If so then give 40% to 1st and 20% to the 2-1 players. If adding the Favorite Opponent and/or Favorite Army give 40% to 1st, 20% to his final opponent and 20% each to those two Favorite awards. If there is a tie for either Favorite Award then use votes from the other category and # of games won to break the tie. In the case of a further tie then they are Co-Champions for that award.

I think that is that but I am very tired. I would like to hear suggestions for additions or changes. :)

- Shinkaze
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